Are you feeling stuck in your business? 


Do you need help with clarity, branding, and getting clients?


IF you have answered Yes then…. That means you are ready to implement REAL and EFFECTIVE systems and strategies in your business.  

Yes I'm Ready!

Do you want to ditch the 9-5 hamster wheel? or add additional streams of income into your life?

Do you want to start your own coaching or consulting business but not sure how?

Are you ready to ditch the frustration, and overwhelm and implement systems & strategies to scale your business?

IF you have answered Yes then…. That means you are ready to turn all your current skills and talents into a profitable online business.

Yes I'm Ready!

Tired of downloading all the freebies, Googling all the answers, and watching Youtube videos to try and piece your business together.

Feeling stressed, overworked, and underpaid at your 9-5 pm?

Having a business idea but not sure how to make it happen

Doing something that mentally and physically drains you but you stay because you have to pay the bills.

Not having time with your kids, family, or loved ones due to working all the time 

Of living paycheck to paycheck, not being able to save, budget, and far from financial stability.

This 1:1 coaching program helps you START, GROW and SCALE a profitable coaching, consulting or service based online business. It is  designed to save you time and money from trying to do it all by yourself.


Imagine If

You can get paid by using all your current  skills and talents 

You can start your business while still at your 9-5 and have extra income 

You can have more flexibility, freedom and purpose in your life 

You can learn how to save money, pay off debt and reach financial stability

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a faith-driven entrepreneur, business, and financial coach.  I currently run a multi-service agency (Neighborhood Multi-Services)  

I was once in your shoes, I went to college, worked in the corporate world, and lived paycheck to paycheck.  I hit a point in my life where I wanted more, more money, more time with my kids, and more success. I took the leap of faith and started my entrepreneurial journey and waved goodbye at the 9-5 for good. 

Now my purpose and focus are helping coaches and consultants implement systems and strategies so they can grow and scale their business.

 This is a step by step program where I teach you how to START, GROW, AND SCALE your online business implementing systems and strategies. In this program, you also learn financial literacy, basic bookkeeping, and tax strategies so you can keep your personal and business finances on the right track.

Click the link below to learn how I can help you create  FREEDOM and PROFIT.

You’re ready to turn your skills and talents into a profitable online coaching, consulting business

You’re ready to have freedom, flexibility and be your own BOSS

You’re ready to get your finances on track, budget, save, pay off debt and reach financial stability while also having a business

You’re ready to do something you’re passionate about

You're ready to have someone keep you accountable during every step of the way


Before, I had an idea but nothing plausible or specific about it. It was just a thought, but since working with Jamie, now I have a clear direction to start building my coaching business! Before I would tell people, “I want to be a life coach”. It couldn’t be any more broad than that! Now I’ve found my niche, started my market research, homed in on my offer, and my goal has direction and purpose. It has a niche. I have some market research under my belt and it’s continuing to grow. I’m still not ready to start my business and open it yet, but I feel so much closer to making it a reality than I did before. 

- Andi

Working with Jamie as my coach stimulated me to actually do the work and move forward. I have more clarity around my niche.  I struggled with this over the past few months and with Jamie's help I was able to narrow it down. Uncovered my Niche, learned how to do market research, I also was able to change my mindset on working on my coaching business and get motivated to move forward with my business plan.  Jamie introduced me to the concept of Strategic planning.  which I had no idea I needed. I realize that this was/is a missing piece that I can now spend some time with. 


It has been great working with Jamie thus far. While working with her, I have gained clarity on how to do effective market research and how to clean up my social media platforms to attract my ideal clients. With doing one survey alone, I was able to get 8 surveys back in 3 days that helped me really get an understanding on what my ideal clients needed. Also, with the help of Jamie, I learned the power of using hashtags that were specific to my niche to attract more people to my post. Thank you for the help Jamie!

- Joyce Ann

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  • To create an online business based on your skills, talents and passions
  • To create an online brand that speaks and attracts  your ideal clients
  • To fine-tune in on your niche and offer
  • How to market your online business on social media and get paying clients
  • How to set up your business and all the legalities behind it
  • How to budget, save, debt pay off, and everything you need to learn to keep your personal and business finances on track
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Phase 1: Business Clarity 

In this phase we will focus on overcoming fears, imposter syndrome, changing mindset, overcoming roadblocks, understanding your WHY and much more.
(VALUE: $497)

Phase 2: Business Foundation

In this phase we will focus on setting up your business for success. Learn all the systems you will need for your business. Also how to organize your personal and business finances, and much more.
(VALUE: $497)

Phase 3: Business Start -Up 

In this phase we will focus on market research, understanding who your target audience is, clarifying your offer and services and much more. 

(VALUE: $497)

Phase 4: Business Launch

In this phase we will focus on creating a lead generation to get clients, and also how to conduct discovery calls and how to deal with sales objections. 
(VALUE: $497)

During our 4 months you will receive: 

Coaching calls

1:1 personalized weekly coaching calls, 60 minutes each to help you launch and build your business

Ongoing support

Unlimited access to me via slack for 90 days to answer any questions, and help you with any roadblocks or obstacles you might have along the way

Private Community

6-month access to the Facebook Private Community where you will receive support from other entrepreneurs and much more valuable information to help you on this amazing journey

Member portal

12 month access to private member portal with tutorials, worksheets and downloads so you can go back and watch everything as many times as you need.

Valued at $997

PLUS! If you pay in FULL you'll get access to these BONUSES!!

Canva Social Media Templates 

Get already done social media templates that you can edit and customize to your brand

Social Media Content Strategy & Calendar 

Have a mapped out plan of what type  of content to post on your social media platforms

Email Scripts 

Get already done email scripts that you can edit and use in your email marketing

You're probably thinking . . .

"I’m not sure I can make the investment"

Hey Boss, I completely understand  but in order to be able to live the life you desire you must invest in yourself and in your new business venture. 

“Invest in yourself, it's the best investment you’ll ever make” Tony Gaskins

"I’m scared that my business might fail"

Hey Boss, I understand how you feel, when I took the leap of faith to start my own business I had many fears and obstacles. But I am glad I was able to trust and work with a coach that helped me overcome all these roadblocks. Starting my business has been the best thing ever. “failure is not the opposite of success is part of success” Arianna Huffington

"I’m still working a 9-5 job and I don’t have extra time"

Hey Boss I completely understand, when I was still working my 9-5 job I had little to no time, but I had to prioritize because I knew I wanted to leave that job that was causing me so much stress. All you need for this program is 60 minute once a week for our coaching calls  and a couple of hours or even less to watch the videos and work on the worksheets. How bad do you want to ditch the 9-5 hamster, bring extra income, and take ownership of your life? “We make time for the things we love, and excused for the things we don’t” Mark Anthony

"Will I make my investment back"

Hey boss this is entirely up to you. You have to put in the work, time and effort into your new business. If you implement everything you have learned, I’m sure you will be on your way to success.

Are You Ready To:

Step out of your comfort zone to start, grow and scale your business

Take full control of your time, money and life 

Do something you love and are passionate about

Spend more time with your family & kids

Yes! I'm Ready!

10 + Modules 

20+ Worksheets and Templates

Private Facebook Community

20+ Videos

I am so glad to have had Jamie as my coach because of her patience, understanding, and overall ability of making everything so crystal clear. She is truly great and I hope so many others get to work with her. I now have all the knowledge and materials needed to sell my services through my new VA business and it's all thanks to her!

- Stefany

Before working with jamie I didn’t know how I could start working online as a virtual assistant.  One of my major takeaways from working with her was that I could actually start my online business.  Now I have a website, and launched my business online. Jamie was great to work with and she is such a great leader. 

- Jamie

I feel so much more confident about my next steps in starting my online business, and I feel I have lots of great takeaways from the sessions that will help me to move forward, and greater clarity on niche, market research and content strategy. Jamie will  help you to move forward, and greater clarity on niche, market research and content strategy.  

- Avigail